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Health & Wellness

Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP)

Here for everyone’s health and wellbeing

The Statewide Health Improvement Partnership creates wellness across Minnesota communities through community-driven, evidence based, and equity-focused programs. We tackle the root cause of chronic disease at the intersection of evidence-based policy and practice that is based upon tested and proven public health expertise and knowledge.

SHIP helps local communities build capacity to ensure healthier lives for all by increasing access to healthy foods, regular physical activity, and reducing commercial tobacco use. Every community is unique, and SHIP depends upon local-level leadership, evidence-based knowledge, and community engagement. SHIP creates policies, systems, and environmental change (PSE) that will outlive and go beyond our funding.

Where SHIP works:

  • Communities
  • Schools and child care
  • Workplaces
  • Health care

How SHIP works:

SHIP Coordinators collaborate with organizations to support and implement policy, system, and environmental changes to improve the health and well-being of our community. SHIP funding is intended to make lasting change that will affect large segments of the populations, with a priority on equity and for those with greater need.

Learn More:

Want to learn more? Go to the Aitkin County SHIP website for more details. Interested in partnering with SHIP in your organization or community? Email: public-health@co.aitkin.mn.us


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Health Education

iCook for Kids

iCook is a fun hands – on school cooking program for children at elementary schools. We are teaching kids how to make and love recipes and dishes that are delicious and good for you.

Body Confident Schools

We live in a time and place obsessed with appearance. Today’s social media – where so many young people edit and curate their own images – has created a culture where 70% of adolescent girls and 40% of adolescent boys don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Public Health has a trained ambassador for Be Real to present an evidence-based Body Confident Schools (BCS) professional development workshop to give tested body confidence tools to the adults in children's lives. Parent presentation is also available.

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