Land Department
M-F | 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
502 Minnesota Ave N, Aitkin, MN
Dennis (DJ) Thompson / Land Commissioner

Aitkin County Land Department

Name: Tom Parkin Title: Senior Forester Phone: 218-232-5275 Region: N/A Townships: N/A
Name: Dan Gordon Title: Forester Phone: 218-232-5297 Region: North Townships: 50,51,52
Name: Kinzer Hill Title: Forester Phone: 218-232-5270 Region: Central Townships: 46,47,48,49
Name: Dustin Goble Title: Forester Phone: 218-232-5269 Region: South Townships: 43,44,45
Name: Ryan Mackey Title: Forester Phone: 218-232-5240 Region: Roaming Townships: N/A

Aitkin County Foresters & Districts

Requests for Bids

None at this time

Aitkin County Tax Forfeited Land For Sale

Tax-Forfeited Land for Sale

If you would like upcoming Land Sale notices emailed or mailed to you,please email your information to:


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