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Marriage Licenses

Please be to the Treasurer’s Office by 3:30pm if you are applying for a Marriage License.


Both of the applicants must be present to complete the application. Applicants do not have to be residents of Aitkin County or of Minnesota. A Minnesota marriage license can only be used within the geographical boundaries of Minnesota.

  • Full legal names
  • Addresses
  • Telephone number
  • Dates of birth
  • State or foreign country where each person was born
  • County where each person lives
  • The names the applicants will have after marriage
  • The address the applicants will have after marriage
  • Number of previous marriages
  • If previously married, the date (mm/dd/yy) the last marriage was terminated
  • If previously married, the city, county, state and court where the marriage was terminated
  • The social security numbers of the applicants will be collected and if they do not have a social security number they must certify as such.

$115 (check, cash or money order only) is payable at the time of applying or $40 if the couple has obtained pre-marital education as per Minnesota Statute. In order to receive the reduced fee, the applicant is required to have a completed "Reduced Marriage Fee Educators Statement" with them. The Educator's statement must be signed by the established educator, dated, notarized and appear on the educator's letterhead in order to be accepted. Please contact the Treasurer's office if you need a sample copy of the Reduced Marriage Fee Educator's Statement. The signed statement must be submitted at the time the marriage license is applied for or the full marriage license fee will be due. There are NO REFUNDS on the fees charged for a marriage license.

In the State of Minnesota there is no waiting period after you apply for the license before the marriage may take place.

The marriage license must be used within six months, and may be used anywhere in Minnesota. If the marriage license is not used within that six-month period, it becomes null & void. Applicants will need to purchase another license and pay the appropriate fee.

Ministers of any religious denomination, before they are authorized to solemnize a marriage, must file a copy of their credentials of license or ordination in any county in Minnesota. Please contact Aitkin County Recorder at 218-927-7336 if you have questions regarding filing your credentials in Aitkin County. A person must be 21 years or older in order to perform marriages in MN. Persons authorized to perform a marriage ceremony in MN are required to assure that the couple has obtained a MN marriage license and that the individuals appearing before them are the persons named on the marriage license.

Marriage certificates are on file in Aitkin County only if the applicants APPLIED for their marriage license.in Aitkin County, regardless of where the actual ceremony took place. If the application was made in another county, contact that county to obtain a marriage certificate. When requesting a certified copy of a marriage certificate, include:

  • Full legal names of the applicants before they were married
  • Date of marriage
  • Your daytime phone number
  • A check for the marriage certificate(s)
  • Your return address

Or – complete the Request for Marriage Certificate form (click here).

The fee is $9 for each certified copy. Make check payable to the Aitkin County Treasurer. You may pay by CASH, PERSONAL CHECK, or MONEY ORDER only. We currently are not able to accept credit or debit cards.

Send requests along with check payable to Aitkin County Treasurer to:

Aitkin County Treasurer
307 2nd St NW Rm 119
Aitkin MN 56431

or request in person at the Aitkin County Treasurer's office.

If you change your name when you are married, you are responsible to notify the various companies and agencies. We have a list of some of the most common areas that may need attention after changing your name. If you have any questions about documents to complete or forms to obtain, you should contact the department or agency directly involved and not this office. For example, the Driver's License Bureau can tell you what you must do to change your driver's license.  Click here for the list of common areas.

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