M-F | 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
307 2nd St NW, Rm. 119, Aitkin, MN
Lori Grams / County Treasurer

Aitkin County Treasurer's Office

The County Treasurer is accountable to the taxpayers and citizens of Aitkin County. The Treasurer's office is part of the administrative branch of County Government and interacts with county departments, county residents, local government, state and federal agencies and local school districts.  The County Treasurer, an elected official, is the County Investment Banker and is responsible for the collection and distribution of various county funds.The Treasurer's office is responsible for the collection and distribution of all property taxes.

The Duties of the Office include:

  • Acts as the Investment Banker for the county- manages a $26-$32 million dollar portfolio, depending on the time of year
  • Receives and processes all incoming funds for Aitkin County.
  • Collects and manages property tax payments
  • Collects mortgage and deed tax
  • Processes cash and check transaction
  • Reconciles numerous bank statements
  • Disburses money owed by the county and tax settlements
  • Balances the County's funds and cash on a regular basis
  • Manages escrow tax accounts and maintains taxpayer addresses
  • Prepares Mobile Home Transfer/Clearance Sheets
  • Oversees the disbursement of over 35,000 tax statements and Truth In Taxation statements
  • Processing of marriage licenses
page last modified on October 09, 2023