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Sarah Pratt / HHS Director

Emergency Preparedness

Any emergency that affects the health of the public is at least in part a Public Health Emergency.

In a Public Health Emergency, Aitkin County Public Health will:

  • Follow the directives of the Minnesota Department of Health and the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention in declared emergency.
  • Offer information and resources on staying well during emergencies.
When necessary, Public Health may also:
  • Provide assistance to the public after or during an emergency by providing:
    • Space to gather and get information.
    • A system to connect family members and to connect them to services.
  • Assist with providing shelter after a natural disaster, providing assistance to persons in quarantine, and providing mass immunization clinics.

You can help by being prepared for emergencies.

Find out more about a local emergency as it unfolds by visiting the Aitkin County Sheriff’s & Aitkin County Public Health Education’s Facebook pages.

page last modified on October 09, 2023