Hours of Operation
Court House

M-F 8 am-4:30 pm
Closed Holidays
Sheriff's Office
Open 24 hours
West Door

Aitkin County Jail

Sheriff: Dan Guida
Jail Administrator: Karla White
Assistant Jail Administrator:
Scott Malloy

The Aitkin County Jail is an 89-bed facility housing men and women. 14 Corrections Officers provide a safe and humane detention facility for persons lawfully placed in our care. The facility holds people waiting for trial and people convicted of a crime who are sentenced. The jail in its current configuration opened in 2002 as a remodel of the 1984 jail. The jail has both linear cellblocks and direction supervision type units.

Sentenced to Serve:

The jail provides a 'Sentenced-to-Serve' (STS) program, allowing offenders to shorten sentences or reduce fines through community service. They provide service to many charity programs, schools, and community functions through a variety of job assignments from yard work to construction and more.

Huber law (Work release) program:

The Huber law allows non-violent sentenced offenders to remain employed while serving their sentence in jail. An offender is released to go to work and immediately returns to jail at the end of the workday. Offenders wishing to be placed on the Huber program must have it included in their sentence and have employment within 60 miles of the facility. To apply for the program, contact Karla White before you report to jail.

Pay to Stay:

The jail offsets operational costs by charging offenders $20.00 per day to stay in the jail and through other fees assessed to relieve taxpayer burden. Offenders are given a payment plan and other options to pay their fees. Contact Karla White with questions about the 'Pay to Stay' program.

In addition, the jail does sell open beds to other counties to relieve their overcrowding on a space available basis.