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Alarm Registration

Burglar Alarms in Aitkin County:

  • May not be an automatic message system that contacts the Sheriff's Office directly.
  • Must be connected to a central station service.
  • Must be registered with Sheriff's Office.

Alarm applications are available at the Sheriff's Office during normal business hours.

The yearly fees for alarms are:

  • Initial registration    $20.00
  • Renewal    $5.00
  • False alarm fee    $50.00 per false alarm after the 3rd alarm in a year.
  • Compliance fee    $50.00 per unregistered alarm
  • Alarm agent or monitoring services    $100.00

Exempt alarms include alarms for the verified hearing impaired and medical type alarms. We do recommend that medical alarms go through a central station service.

If your alarm is on seasonal property, we suggested the key-holder for the property be a year-around resident of the area.

How we handle alarms:

The Communications Center will receive an alarm call from a central station service. Law Enforcement will be dispatched. Law Enforcement will check the building for signs of forced entry and verify identities of people found on the property. We will contact the owner only in cases where something unusual is found. In cases where a burglary is apparent, we will need the owner to come to the property as soon as possible to check for missing items.

If you do receive notification from your central station service and we have not called, please wait approximately 1 hour before checking on our progress. At your request, we will have the responding officer or deputy call you to report on the condition your property was found.

Aitkin County Alarm Ordinance