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All of Aitkin County tax forfeited lands are open to public hunting and / or trapping with the appropriate licenses and according to state law. Exceptions to this rule - there is no hunting allowed in any of our campgrounds or on the Long Lake Conservation lands.

No enclosed permanent hunting stands are allowed on Aitkin County tax forfeited lands.

Trees may not be cut for the purpose of shooting lanes. Trees may not be cut for any other purpose without first obtaining a permit from the Aitkin County Land Department.

During big game hunting season, off trail travel by ATV's or similar light vehicles is permitted exclusively for the purpose of retrieving downed big game as per game regulations. Off trail motorized travel across County administered tax forfeited lands is otherwise prohibited. All motorized vehicles must stay on existing trails in accordance with use designations. The creation of unauthorized trails on County administered tax forfeited lands is prohibited.

During the State firearms deer hunting season primitive camps may be used for 21 consecutive days except in areas that are designated no camping areas. These camps cannot be established within a mile of any public campground or site; campers must remove all trash and debris from the site, live trees may not be felled for making a camp, accessing a camp, or for use as a firewood, and no camping is allowed within a mile of a boat access. Do not change nature to put up a campsite. Leave the area natural so everyone can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.