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Which Department can answer my Property Tax Question?

The County Assessor's Office can answer these questions:

Appeals of Valuation and Classification
Assessment Data Requests
Blind and Disability Homestead
Disabled Veterans Exclusion
Disaster Assessment and Valuation
Estimated Market Values
Field Cards
Green Acres
Link Appraisal Data Subscriptions
Non-Profit Community Service Classification (4c3ii)
Notice of Valuation and Classification
Property Tax Classifications (residential, commercial, agricultural, etc.)
Property Tax Exemptions
Property Sale Information (CRV’s)
Property Sale Verification
Rural Preserve
Tax Abatements
Tax Court

The County Auditor's Office can answer these types of questions:

Confession of Judgments
Delinquent Tax Publication
Disparity Reduction Aid
Fiscal Disparities
Mobile Home Tax Calculations
Notice of Proposed Taxes
Parcel Combinations
Parcel Descriptions
Parcel Mapping
Parcel Transfers
Senior Citizen Deferral Program
Special Assessments
State General Tax
Tax Abatements
Tax Calculations
Tax Credits
Tax Estimates
Tax Forfeiture Process
Tax Increment Financing
Tax Rates

The County Treasurer's Office can answer these questions:

Mailing Address Changes
Mobile Home Clearance Sheets
Penalty and Interest Calculation
Property Tax Statements
Property Tax Refund Forms
Tax Delinquency Letters
Tax Payments

And the County Land Department can answer questions like these:

Tax Forfeit Land Management
Tax Forfeit Land Sales