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Volunteer Programs

The Sheriff's Office promotes the community through its volunteer programs.

Sheriff's Posse'

The Sheriff's Posse is a volunteer organization of community members interested in assisting the Sheriff's Office in manpower intensive operations such as:

  • Search and Rescue.
  • Disaster response.
  • Large community event management.

Community members interested in joining the Posse can contact Undersheriff Heidi Lenk.  Training is provided by the Sheriff's Office.  ATV or snowmobile ownership is helpful but not required to join the Posse.

Jail Program Volunteer

The Aitkin County Jail is looking for volunteers for programs inside the Jail.  Programming ranges from religious study groups to physical education style classes in the Jail Gymnasium.  People interested in volunteering for the Jail may contact the Assistant Jail Administrator. Applicants are subject to background screening. The Jail phone number is 218-927-7456.

Emergency Services

Most of Aitkin County's emergency services are provided by volunteer fire and EMS units.  These community based organizations are always looking for new members.  The sheriff's office supports these organizations through its central communications center and training assistance.  The sheriff's office can provide contact information for service providers in your area of Aitkin County.