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Sheriff's Office Fee Schedule

All fees are subject to change without notice.

 SHERIFF (General):  FEE
   Alarm Fees - Initial   $20.00
   Alarm Fees - Renewal   $5.00
   Alarm Fees - Non Compliance Fee   $50.00
   False Alarms - Per each after third   $50.00
   Gun Permit to Carry - New   $100.00
   Gun Permit to Carry - Renewal   $75.00
   Fishing Contest Permit (Summer/Winter)   $10.00
   Fireworks Permit   $10.00
   Jail 'Pay to Stay'   $20.00 per day
   Jail Booking Fee   $20.00
  Background Checks   $10.00
  Reports and ICR's  
            Victim   No charge
            Walk-in   $0.25 per page
            By mail   $0.25 per page plus postal costs
            Audio CD's   $10.00
            Transcript of audio recordings   $4.00 per page
            Photographs/Digital by disk   $10.00
            Booking photos   $5.00
            Video Recordings   $16.00 VHS or $10.00 DVD
            Aitkin County resident   No charge
            Non-resident   $10.00
  Raft Permits   $2.00 per year (renewed in 5 year increments)
  *For Paper Service- $100.00 Deposit is required.
     Charge per person served/Not found   $30.00
     Mileage charge per attempt (round trip)   $ .60 per mile
     Mileage charge for City of Aitkin   $1.00
     Charge for mortgage foreclosure/real property sale   $50.00
     Mechanics Lien Sale   $50.00 plus mileage
     Canceled mortgage foreclosure sale w/no notification   $50.00
     Redemption fee on redeemed foreclosure   $250+$30.00 for each rescheduling of redemption date.
     Posting three notices of sale   $45.00 plus mileage
     Charge for sending a fax   $1.00
     Levy fee on a Writ of Execution   $20.00
     Commission on Writ $ Levied upon    5%
     Deputy Time   $30.00 plus mileage
     Storage Fees   Car:  $5.00 per day
  Boat:  $1.00 per foot, per day
  Snowmobile:  $5.00 per day
     Storage Fees - Forfeited Vehicles    Payment in full of Tow Bill plus $5 per day - with a 14 day grace period.

Securing and safely keeping property in replevin, attachment or an execution, fee based on time spent and hourly rate of pay for deputy executing the process.

** if the actual fee exceeds the amount of deposit, you will be billed for the additional amount. When the actual amount of the fee is less than your deposit check, you will receive a refund with your affidavit.

Please contact our office for writ of execution instructions.

If you have any questions, please call the sheriff's office civil division at 218-927-7431. Thank you.