Hours of Operation
License Center
M-F 8:00am-4:30pm
Closed Holidays

License Center Forms


Administrative Review / Approval of Sale (PS31125)
Administrative Impound Plates (PS2041)
Correction of Ownership (PS2025B)
Correction of Title/Odometer (PS2025A)
Disability License Plate 2nd Plate Request
Disability Parking Certificate (PS2005)
Due Diligence (PS2026)
Duplicate Plates and/or Stickers (PS2067B)
Duplicate Title, Registration, Cab or Lien Card (PS2067A)
Gold Star License Plate Application (PS2013)
Lessee Designation (PS2019)
Lien Release, Grant or Assignment of Secured Interest (PS2017)
Mobile Home Affidavit of Severance / to Unaffix (PS2027 & PS2028)
Mobile Home Surrender (PS2725)
Mobile Home Surrender for Security Interest (PS2726)
No Vin Attestation
Off Road Motorcycles Certification Checklist (PS30399)
Permission to Purchase Registration Tabs
Private Data Request (PS33202)
Reason for Loan
Reconstruction/Special Assembly (PS2015)
Reconstruction for Trailers
Record Request (PS2502)
Refund (PS2511)
Repossession/Title Application (PS2024)
Sales Tax Affidavit (PS2080A)
Special Plate Application (PS2010)
Special Plate Brochure
Statement of Facts (PS2002)
Surviving Spouse / Not Subject to Probate (PS2071)
Title Bond Quick Reference
Title & Registration (PS2000)
Transfer on Death (PS2004)
Underage Affidavit
Vehicle Inspection List
Volunteer Ambulance (PS2010)


Administrative Review Request (PS31122)
Approved Translation Vendors
CDL Medical Self Certification (PS33203)
Certificate of Translation (PS33210)
Diabetic Report (PS31077)
Farm Work License (PS30188)
Identification Requirements (PS30370)
Identification Requirements Spanish (PS30370)
Ignition Interlock Insurance Certification (PS31201)
Ignition Interlock Participation Agreement (PS31202)
Insurance Certification (PS35016)
Last Use Statement (PS31083)
Military CDL Road Test Waiver (PS30320)
Petition for Variance of Proper Identification (PS33160)
Petition for Variance for Religious Conflict (PS30371)
Private Data Request (PS33202)
Reduced Fee ID Card Verification (PS33117)
Refund (PS31081)
Rehabilitation Requirements (PS31091)
Reporting At Risk Drivers
Restriction Removal Notification (PS2122)
Seasonal Farm CDL Waiver (PS30060)
Seizure / Loss of Consciousness (PS31015)
Special Review (PS31086)
Supervised Driving Log
Teen Road Rules
Traffic Laws for Under Age 18
Vanessa Law Letter
Vision Report - Ophthalmologist Examination (PS30338)
Voluntary Surrender (PS33061A)
Withdrawal of Parental Consent (PS33061B)


Bill of Sale for Non-Titled Vehicles
Corrected Title & Correction of Ownership
Data Request
Duplicate Title
Lien Release, Grant or Assignment of Secured Interest
Permission to Purchase Registration
Registration Form (Non-Titled)
Registration Form (Titled)
Statement of Facts
Surviving Spouse / Not Subject to Probate