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County Highway 25 Construction Update

Project: Aitkin County Highway 25 Reconstruction

Length: 3.27 miles

Termini: From the intersection of County Highway 100-County Highway 25 to the intersection of County Highway 23-County Highway 38-County Highway 25

Project Schedule: March through August, 2020: Tree clearing, grading, culvert placement, and aggregate base

June through August, 2021: Bituminous Surfacing

Current Project Update May 22, 2020:

Road construction operations will begin on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 on Segment 1 from 116th Lane to the north end of the project as shown on the map.

Property Owners on 116th Lane and 119th Lane are advised to utilize the preferred property access route as shown on the map for access to their property.

To access properties within the Segment 1 construction area, please drive slowly and safely through the construction area as there will be large construction equipment working to construct the new road. When driving through the construction area, please strictly adhere to all work zone signage and traffic control operations and be prepared for adverse driving conditions. If a traffic restriction is encountered, please patiently wait for directions from construction workers before proceeding through the restricted area.

May 5, 2020: Work will resume during the week of May 4, 2020 to complete the clearing and grubbing of trees and stumps throughout the project area. Upon completion of the clearing and grubbing work, road construction operations will continue with earthmoving operations confined to either the portion of the project south of 116 th Lane or the portion of the project east and north of 119 th Lane. While earthmoving operations are being conducted in one of these areas, property owners on 116 th Lane and 119 th Lane are advised to utilize the area of the project that is not under active construction.

Please check back for further information as updated information will be provided when it is available.