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Aitkin County Lake Classification

* Looking for great information on lakeshore owners rights and responsibilities or understanding water quality?
   Click here for the "Aitkin County Shoreland Steward" Guide (PDF)

* The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has classified all lakes in Aitkin County. You will need to know how your lake is classified because lake setbacks are different for the three different types of lakes.

GD Lake
(General Development )
These lakes are generally large, deep lakes or lakes of varying sizes and depth with high levels and mixes of existing development.
RD Lake
(Recreational Development)
These lakes are generally medium-sized lakes of varying depths and shapes with a variety of landform, soil, and groundwater situations on the lands around them.
NE Lake
(Natural Environment)
These lakes are generally small, often shallow lakes with limited capacities for assimilating the impacts of development and recreational use.

*These lake definitions are from the Aitkin County Shoreland Management Ordinance.

*If you do not see your lake on this list, please email us at aitkinpz@co.aitkin.mn.us or call us at 218-927-7342.


Name of Lake

(General Development)

Big Sandy Shamrock
Hill Hill Lake
Mille Lacs Hazelton, Lakeside, & Malmo
Minnewawa  Shamrock

(Recreational Development)

Aitkin Turner
Ball Bluff (Big) Cornish
Big Pine   Wagner
Cedar   Farm Island & Aitkin
Clear  Glen
Dam  Glen & Kimberly
Diamond Farm Island
Elm Island  Nordland
Esquagamah Waukenabo & Unorg 49-27
Farm Island Farm Island & Hazelton
Fleming Fleming
Glacier Turner
Gun  Fleming
Hammal Farm Island
Hanging Kettle Farm Island
Hickory Farm Island
Horseshoe Shamrock
Island Haugen
Jenkins Fleming
Lone Nordland
Long Glen
Moulton Unorg 49-27
Nord Nordland
Pine Wagner
Pine, Big Hazelton
Pine, Little Farm Island
Rabbit Glen
Rat Workman
Ripple Farm Island & Nordland
Rock Jevne
Round  Haugen & Shamrock
Round Waukenabo
Round Hazelton
Sandy River Shamrock & Workman
Section 12 Nordland
Sissabagamah Nordland & Spencer
Spirit Farm Island
Sugar Glen & Malmo
Sunset Farm Island
Tame Fish Hazelton
Thornton Farm Island
Townline  Farm Island
Vanduse Ball Bluff
Waukenabo Waukenabo
Wilkins Fleming
Wladimiraf  Nordland