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Land for Sale

Aitkin County Tax-Forfeited Land Auction
1:00 p.m. on Friday, June 4, 2021
Aitkin County Fairgrounds, 632 Minnesota Ave N, Aitkin, MN

Live oral auction in open-air covered building.

Bring a chair!

Parcel #2 and Parcel #3 have been removed from the sale.

Notice and Details of Sale - click here

Unsold parcels will remain for sale, at the starting bid price, until 9/7/21 at 4:30pm.

Table of Parcels for Sale - click here

Auction pre-registration Form - click here


Map of Parcels -

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The auction will be held in an open-air covered building with chairs placed  6 feet apart from each other. Obviously if you are ill, please stay home.  Face coverings are required during attendance.  We also ask that everyone maintain social distancing of at least six-feet apart.  Other CDC guidelines to follow are to utilize proper handwashing/sanitization techniques, especially after sneezing or coughing. Wash/sanitize hands often especially before and after eating or using shared objects.  Minimize the use of shared objects.  If objects must be shared, sanitize thoroughly between users.


If you would like upcoming Land Sale notices emailed please email your information to:


Aitkin County Land Department
502 Minnesota Ave N
Aitkin MN 56431


Land Classification of Aitkin County tax-forfeited Lands

Forfeited 2020 & re-classified

Forfeited 2019

Forfeited 2018

Forfeited 2017

Forfeited 2016

Forfeited 2014 & 2015