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Aitkin County Land Department

Frequently asked questions

1. When should I contact the Aitkin County Land Department?
   The Aitkin County Land Department (ACLD) deals with tax forfeited properties in Aitkin County. In the plat book you will see them as Aitkin County TXF. If you have questions on these properties, contact the Aitkin County Land Department 218-927-7364 or email us at - acld@co.aitkin.mn.us ACLD activities include sale of timber, reforestation, forest inventory, ag leases, sales of tax forfeited properties, land exchanges and easements. We are regulated by our management plan which is published on our web.

2. Can I hunt on Aitkin County TXF?
   Yes, with the appropriate licenses.

3. Can I purchase tax forfeited lands?
   Yes, we have occasional land sales where particular parcels of land are put up for sale. By state law, these are offered for sale at a public auction. We advertise all of our sales on the web pages under land sale. These are the only parcels that are for sale. If there is a particular parcel that you are inquiring on, you would contact our office for the land to be considered for sale. There are many reasons that a parcel may not be offered for sale. For example, if there is gravel on it, a plantation, public waters, etc. Each request would have to go through this office, be classified as non-conservation, the county board, and DNR. All would have to agree that it would be the best use of the land to sell it at public auction.

4. What rights do previous owners have?
   All rights of previous owners are extinguished upon 6 months after forfeiture or when it is sold, whichever comes first.

5. Can I get legal access to my property across tax forfeited lands?
   Any access to your property may be considered across the Aitkin County TXF. Your property cannot be in another county and you cannot have another access into your property. You would need to contact the Land Commissioner and each request is considered on a case by case basis. You would be told whether Aitkin County is willing to consider the access and what it would cost to get the access if the county feels it would be in the best interest of the county to approve that access. An application with a non-refundable $400.00 deposit is required at the start of the process. No access can be obtained by the right of eminent domain across public lands by state law. Any access that is granted by the county must remain open to public use.
                                                      Application for legal access

6. What are the rules for ATVing, snowmobiling and skiing on public lands?
   There are over 200 miles of groomed ATV trails, over 600 miles of groomed snowmobile trails, and 3 groomed ski trails in Aitkin County. You are allowed to ride ATV's on groomed trails only. The exception to the rule is big game retrieval during hunting season is also allowed following the hunting regulation rules.

7.  Who do I contact with questions on State of Mn TRF (State of Minnesota Trust Fund Lands) and State of Mn TXF (State of Minnesota Tax Forfeited Lands)?
  You would contact the State of Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources.

8. Does Aitkin County sell timber on tax forfeited lands?
   Yes, we have three timber auctions per year. These sales are generally held in May, August, and December of each year. Each auction is posted on the website under timber auctions. The only requirement that we have for bidding on the timber auctions, is that you do not have any unpaid accounts or trespasses with any other county in Minnesota or the State of Mn DNR. Look at the terms of timber auctions on the website.

9. Camping on tax forfeited lands?
   Our park ordinance provides for primitive camping on tax forfeited lands. See ordinances. You may not destroy any vegetation to make a campsite and may not camp for more than 14 days. When you leave all signs of your camping must be removed. Aitkin County provides 4 campgrounds for public use. One in Aitkin, Palisade, Jacobson, and south of McGrath on the Snake River. Information on staying at these campgrounds is available by clicking here. http://www.co.aitkin.mn.us/departments/Land/camping.html

10. What happens to the money generated by ACLD?
   Our department operates on the monies generated off of tax forfeited lands by the sale of lands, timber, gravel, and leases. Any revenue over and above the expenses is distributed to various funds and the local jurisdictions as provided by statute (Mn Statutes 282.08). Total Revenues minus total expenses equals net proceeds.
   Net proceeds must be apportioned as follows:
        1. The County Board may set aside up to 30% for timber development
        2. The County Board may set aside up to 20% for recreation
        3. The remaining balance is distributed:
             a. 40% County (general fund)
             b. 40% school districts
             c. 20% town or city
Each School District and Township/City receives an apportionment equal to the percentage of revenues generated within the taxing district boundaries.
                                                  Apportionment summary