9:05 A.M.    START


July 27, 2021


9:05        l.       Review/Approval of Health & Human Services Board Agenda


9:06        li.       Review/Approval of June 22, 2021 Health & Human Service Board Minutes


9:07        lii.      Review/Approval of Bills


9:08        IV.     Cynthia Bennett, Health & Human Services Director

A. Directors  Update


9:15        V       Carli Goble, Accounting     Supervisor

A. Financial  Report


9:30        VI.     Review/Approve    Contracts/Agreements/Appointments

A.  Hill City Schools  Foster Care Transportation     Agreement


9:32        VII. Committee  Reports from Commissioners

A.   H&HS Advisory Committee  - Commissioner Wedel and/or Westerlund

B.   AEOA Committee  Update - Commissioner Westerlund

C.   CARE board - Commissioner Westerlund

D.   CJI (Children's  Justice  Initiative)  - Commissioner Westerlund

E.    NEMOJT Committee  Update - Commissioner Niemi

F.    Lakes & Pines Update - Commissioner Niemi



END                                              Next Meeting - August 24, 2021


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