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December 21, 2021 – BOARD AGENDA

NOTE: A consent agenda has been added in an effort to streamline the approval of regular annual contracts.

9:05 Start

9:05 1) Review/Approval of Health & Human Services Board Agenda

9:06 2) Review/Approval of November 23, 2021 Health & Human Services Board Minutes

9:07 3) Review/Approval of Bills

9:08 4) Consent Agenda – All items on the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine and have been made available to the County Board at least two days prior to the meeting; the items will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Board member or citizen so requests, in which event the item will be removed from this Agenda and considered under separate motion.

A)2022 Access North POS

B)2022 Bethesda Lutheran Church Malmo – WIC Agreement

C)2022 Compass Counseling Partners POS

D)2022 Hill City Assembly of God Church – WIC Agreement

E)2022 Lakes & Pines WRAP POS

F)2022 Letter of Agreement Dr. Donald Hughes

G)2022 LSS Guardianship POS

H)2022 McGregor Schools – WIC Agreement

I)2022 New Freedom Clinical Supervision POS

J)2022 Woodview-Oakridge POS

K)2022 Philip Tange POS

L)2022 Presbyterian Family Foundation POS

M)2022 Thomas Allen POS

N)2022 Nystrom POS

O)2022 Riverwood Healthcare Family Planning Contract

9:10 5) Review/Approve Contracts/Appointments

A)Approve 2022-2023 Child Support Cooperative Agreement

B)Approve re-appointment of current and new members to the Health & Human Services Advisory Committee as follows:

1.Current Members

a.Dawn Houser – Commissioner District 1

b.Luke Christensen – Commissioner District 1




204 First Street NW

Phone: 800-328-3744/218-927-7200



Aitkin, MN 56431

Fax: 218-927-7210







c. Michelle Broadhead – Commissioner District 4



d. Lynne Jacobs – Commissioner District 5



e. Steven Teff – Commissioner District 5



2. New Member




a. Rebecca Koch – Commissioner District 5


6) Cynthia Bennett – Health & Human Services Director


A) Director Update



7) Julie Herbst – H&HS Child Support Supervisor


A) Child Support Update


9:35 8) Committee Updates from Commissioners

A)H&HS Advisory Committee – Commissioners Wedel and/or Westerlund

B)CHS Joint Powers Board Update – Commissioner Westerlund

C)AEOA Committee Update – Commissioner Westerlund

D)CARE Board – Commissioner Westerlund

E)CJI (Children’s Justice Initiative) – Commission Westerlund

F)NEMOJT Committee Update – Commissioner Niemi

G)Lakes & Pines Update – Commissioner Niemi

9:40 End

Next Meeting – January 25, 2022