June 11, 2019 BOARD AGENDA

Aitkin Public Library


9:00       1)  Anne Marcotte, County Board Chair
                    A)  Call to Order
                    B)  Pledge of Allegiance
                    C)  Board of Commissioners Meeting Procedure
                    D)  Approval of Agenda

                    E)  Citizens’ Public Comment – Comments from visitors must be informational in
                           nature and not exceed (5) minutes per person.  The County Board generally will
                           not engage in a discussion or debate in those five minutes but will take the
                           information and find answers if that is appropriate.  As part of the County Board
                           protocol, it is unacceptable for any speaker to slander or engage in character

                           assassination at a public Board meeting.


               2)        Consent Agenda –
All items on the Consent Agenda are considered to be

                          routine and have been made available to the County Board at least two days

                          prior to the meeting; the items will be enacted by one motion. There will be no

                          separate discussion of these items unless a Board member or citizen so

                          requests, in which event the item will be removed from this Agenda and

                          considered under separate motion.                       


                   A) Correspondence File May 28, 2019 to June 10, 2019
                   B) Approve May 28, 2019 County Board Minutes
                   C) Approve Electronic Funds Transfers
                   D) Approve Purchase of Survey Equipment
                   E) Adopt Resolution: Frontier Communications Easement
                              Sec 25 Twp 48 Rge 24

                   F) Adopt Resolution: Frontier Communications Convert Annual Leases to Perpetual Easement
                  G) Adopt (2) Resolutions for Towards Zero Deaths:
                              1. Support Towards Zero Deaths Coalition
                              2. Towards Zero Deaths Fiscal Agent Agreement
                  H) Approve Fire Protection Contracts – City of Hill City Fire Department
                   I) Approve Fire Protection Contract – City of McGregor
                  J) Approve Commissioner Warrants
                 K) Approve Auditor Warrants - Contegrity

                 L) Approve Manual Warrants


9:02     3) John Welle, County Engineer
                 A) Approve Right of Way Plat No. 21
                 B) Adopt Resolution: Award Contract No. 20194


9:25     4) Rich Courtemanche, Land Commissioner

                 A) Report of the 2019 Legislative Session

9:40     5) Jessica Seibert, County Administrator
                A) Introduction of Facilities Coordinator
                B) Accept Proposal – Government Center Technology
                C) County Administrator Updates


10:00 6) Committee Updates

10:30 Adjourn


Full Board Meeting Packet (PDF 5.51 MB)


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