November 28, 2017

9:05 A.M.

                   I. Approval of Health & Human Services Board Agenda

                  II. Review October 24, 2017 Health & Human Service Board Minutes

                 III. Review Bills

                 IV. Erin Melz, Public Health Supervisor
                     A. AIKCHB Joint Powers Agreement Approval
                     B. AIKCHB Bylaws Approval
                     C. AIKCHB Member appointment
                     D. Approve Agreement between ACH&HS and Dr. Donald Hughes as the Public Health Medical Consultant.

                 V. Cynthia Bennett, Health & Human Services Director
                    A. Legislative Update
                    B. Re-Design Update

               VI. Carli Goble, Fiscal Technician
                    A. Financial Reports

              VII. Committee Reports from Commissioners
                    A. H&HS Advisory Committee – Commissioners Westerlund and/or Pratt
                        1. Committee Members attending today: Marlene Abear and Roberta Elvecrog.
                        2. Draft Copy of the November 1, 2017 meeting minutes included in packet.
                    B. AEOA Committee Update – Commissioner Westerlund
                    C. NEMOJT Committee Update – Commissioner Niemi
                    D. CJI (Children’s Justice Initiative) – Commissioner Westerlund
                    E. Lakes & Pines Update – Commissioner Niemi

               Next Meeting – December 19, 2017


HHS Full Board Packet (PDF 2.3MB)    

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