July 25, 2017


9:05      I. Approval of Health & Human Services Board Agenda


             II. Review June 27, 2017 Health & Human Service Board Minutes


             III. Review Bills


             IV. Cynthia Bennett, Health & Human Services Director
                   a.   Legislative Update
                   b.   Redesign Committee Update


             V. Kathleen Ryan, Fiscal Supervisor
                   a.   Financial Reports


             VI. Jessi Schultz, Social Services Supervisor
                   a.   Approve Contract - Service Agreement between ACHHS and Northern Psychiatric Associates – Baxter


             VII. Jessi Goble, Financial Assistance Supervisor
                   a.   Quality Improvement Project Update


             VIII. Erin Melz, Public Health Supervisor
                   a.   Fair Booth Report


             IX. Committee Reports from Commissioners
                   a.   H&HS Advisory Committee – Commissioners Westerlund and/or Pratt
                               i.  Committee Members attending today: Bob Marcum
                              ii.  No minutes as there was no meeting in July
                             iii.  Next meeting August 2, 2017.
                   b.   AEOA Committee Update – Commissioner Westerlund
                   c.   NEMOJT Committee Update – Commissioner Niemi
                   d.   CJI (Children’s Justice Initiative) – Commissioner Westerlund
                   e.   Lakes & Pines Update – Commissioner Niemi


             Next Meeting –  August 22, 2017


HHS Full Board Packet (PDF 1.2MB)      


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