Aitkin County Government Center Update

Progress towards the new Aitkin County Government Center continues, updates and milestones are listed below.

  • Progress continues to be good. The building is “buttoned in” as they say, meaning the building is enclosed and temporary heat is being piped in. This allows for interior work to continue through the winter months. Studs are already going up in the first floor where the concrete floor is done. Roofing is working towards completion including insulation which will help with the temporary heating. In addition to walls and offices starting to take shape on the first floor, the building will soon be ready for floors to be poured on the second and third floors. You may notice the floors being poured have been pushed back from the original schedule. This is to allow the building to warm and roof being further along to allow for much better conditions for concrete work.
  • Site pictures are included and show the building is now taking shape.
    • Shell is buttoned in.
    • Windows and doorways are covered in temporary frames with poly.
    • Note that these windows and doors can be removed so construction materials such as steel studs and concrete can be transported into the building.
  • Within the next week or two, expect the following;
    • Finish installation of Roof Decking.
    • Finish exterior sealing, building is going from green to grey.
    • Exterior panels to arrive on site and preparation work for installation.
  • Longer term yet;
    • Installation of air barrier.
    • Roof Parapet work and roofing completed.
    • Brick and Stone installation. The panels are attached by a hanger and hooksystem and can be done in cold weather conditions. Caulking and sealing will be done in warm weather.
  • The Courthouse and all county offices will remain open during all regular business hours, please check signage for parking and building entrances to use. Depending on the construction schedule, public and staff will be directed to proper building entrance and exit points.
  • As always, safety is the main concern, please watch for signage and feel free to call ahead to the office you are visiting when coming to the Courthouse.

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