Aitkin County Government Center Update

Progress towards the new Aitkin County Government Center continues, updates and milestones are listed below.

  • Work continues on the footings and foundations with steel erection to follow.  Work on the actual building site has slowed as it was decided to get the underground infrastructure work done and out of the way. The “footprint” of the new building has an existing building on one side and a major highway on another, this has slowed the work to a degree in that so far essentially only one Trade group, such as masons, at a time is able to work.  This will change with the underground utility work finishing up.  Once footings are completed and backfilled, we will start seeing different trades working on the addition and progress will be more noticeable.  Please check out the last site picture, it is a great visual on the finished product location and where it will tie into the existing building.
  • Site pictures are included and show;
    • Final remains of the old jail gone and site leveling work being done.
    • Footings for the new addition poured with rebar for foundation showing.
    • Backfill for the new addition.
    • Footings for steel beams.
    • Block foundation sealed, footings in, waiting for the steel! 
  • Within the next week or two, expect the following;
    • Sewer and Water has been stubbed into the new addition, a temporary board walk is in place to access the Sheriff’s Entrance, gravel base will be replacing the board walk very soon and a cement walkway will installed at a later date.
    • Backfilling for the addition will be completed along with additional underground work.
    • Work on the masonry wall that separates the new addition from the existing building.
  • Longer term, expect;
    • Steel delivery after Labor Day with erection shortly thereafter.
    • Steel erection will work from east to west that will allow the masons to build the elevator shaft at the same time.
  • The Courthouse and all county offices will remain open during all regular business hours, please check signage for parking and building entrances to use.  Depending on the construction schedule, public and staff will be directed to proper building entrance and exit points.
  • As always, safety is the main concern, please watch for signage and feel free to call ahead to the office you are visiting when coming to the Courthouse.

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