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Ski Trail Info                                                      Snowmobile Trail Info

 Cross Country Ski Trail conditions in Aitkin CountySki trail in Aitkin Co.

No Achen Ski Trail - last groomed - February 25, 2014
Long Lake Conservation Trail - last groomed - Feb 25, 2014
Vispo Ski Trail - last groomed - Feb 27, 2014

Unfortunately our groomer broke down and is at the repair shop.  Therefore, we haven't groomed since the above dates. Hopefully you were able to get out and enjoy the trails during those dates.

     The Aitkin County Land Department maintains three groomed cross country ski trails in Aitkin County. One is the No Achen trail located near the City of Aitkin. The second one is at the Long Lake Conservation Center near Palisade. And the third one is located by Glen, Mn which is southeast of Aitkin on Hwy 47 - Vispo Ski Trail. All of the trails take you through rustic forest areas where you can enjoy the wildlife and beauty of the forest.
    Please note: The No Achen trail goes across private land. Please respect the landowners rights and stay on the trail. Follow the signs.

Maps of ski trails -
        No Achen topo map                             No Achen aerial map
        Long Lake topo map                            Long Lake aerial map
        Vispo topo map                                    Vispo aerial map    

Snowmobile Winter Conditions in Aitkin County Palisade Groomer

April 1, 2014 - well the snowmobile trails are now officially closed. I hope that you were able to get out and enjoy the trails. After we once got the ground frozen under the trails and over the swamps and water, they were excellent for riding. Hope you enjoyed the winter. We will be back again next year, hope you will be too.

        Please remember that many of our trails go across private land. The easements are for December 1st to March 31st. It is through the generosity of other people that we have the snowmobile trails that we have. All it takes, is one person to be out riding on someone's fields for the landowner to say, we are not going to allow the trail to go across our land anymore. Remember, the landowners own this land and can tell us to get off their land at any time.  Then we have a closed segment of trail until the club members can talk someone into letting us use their land for the trail. The club members may not be able to reopen that segment of trail at all. Please stay on the trails. Also remember on the offseason, not to be on the trails. The trail easements are for snowmobiling only, not ATV riding in the summer. Stay on the trails both winter and summer that are open for that particular sport. Respect landowner rights so our snowmobile trails will continue to be here for generations to come.
    Hope you enjoyed riding the trails this year, but remember during the snowmobile season to stay on the trails. We don't want to lose any of our trails due to people riding on private lands off trail or for the wrong sport. 
    We have several clubs in Aitkin County that maintain trails. Below are the contacts for those clubs. Please, if you ride the trails, join a club and help volunteer to maintain the trails. Your help is needed to keep the trails nice. The clubs are 100% volunteer and can use your help. Please consider joining a club.

Club Contacts:

Hill City - Dan Kingsley   218-697-2628
McGregor/Tamarack - Wayne Bobenmeier - 218-426-3283
Palisade - Bruce Robinson - 218-851-4760
Giese - Joe Kohlgraf  320-679-2078
Mille Lacs area - Darrell Kelly - 320-684-2325
Aitkin - Tracy Fairchild - 218-927-3826

The clubs can use your help. If you have an extra day to get out and help on the trails, contact the club in your area and find out where they need the help.
Snowmobilers in Aitkin County


       General snowmobile Trail map




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