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Parcel 14 - Wagner Township

Legal Description: NE-SE, SE-SE Sec 25 Twp 43 Rge 22

Parcel ID: 34-0-041900 and 34-0-041600

Starting Price at the Auction: $53,000.00
Land $50,658.00
Timber $2,342.00

Lot/Acreage: This property consists of 80 acres of land. Approx. 37 acres high wooded, 2 acres low wooded, and 41 acres low open. This property does not have an access into it.


Balsam fir 2 cords
Maple 35 cords
Basswood 10 cords
Red Oak 2 cords
Black ash 50 cords
Birch 15 cords
Aspen regen 20 acres

Aerial map of parcel: Map

Estimated real estate taxes for 2018: $550.00. These taxes are based on the tax extension rate from 2017, rural vacant land use, and the starting price at the auction. If any of these items change, the amount of the real estate taxes could also change. These amounts are an estimate only of the taxes that might be due. Your first tax payment will be due on May 15, 2018.

Access: There is no access into this property. This property is landlocked. You will need to talk to the adjoining landowners to see if they would be willing to sell or give you an access into this property. Otherwise you would need to petition the township under Law 164.08 (cartway law) to get an access. Walking over someone elses property even to look at it is trespass.

Driving directions: From the City of McGrath, you will go south on Hwy 65/27 for approx 2.5 miles to Hwy 18. Turn to the east. Go approx. 12 miles to Pine Co. Rd 38. Follow 38 till it turns into Aitkin Co. Rd 25. Follow 25 until you come to a sharp 90 degree turn in the road (approx. 3/4 mile). At this point, you are 1/4 mile north of the east line of the property.

GPS Coordinates:  N 46° 10.59’ W 93° 03.39’ 

Aitkin County Fun Facts: Aitkin County has many acres of public lands that are open for hunting and recreation purposes. It has over 600 miles of groomed snowmobile trails, approx 200 miles of maintained ATV trails, and 365 lakes for fishing and recreation. Aitkin City is the county seat for Aitkin County and the government offices are located there. Aitkin County is 160 years old this year. Aitkin County was established in 1857 and has been in existence 1 year longer than Minnesota has been a state. If you purchase this property, you will become a citizen of a long established county.

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