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Compass       Aitkin County Surveyor

As the Aitkin County Surveyor, this office provides assistance to the general public, private Land Surveyors and other County Departments in matters dealing with land surveying.

Aitkin County's original public land survey was started in 1849 and completed in 1874. However, surveying is an ongoing process with re-establishment of monuments, plats that have been completed in the county, right of way plats, and maintenance of all public records of the original government surveys.

Aitkin County is unique in that it has a Standard Parallel of latitude crossing it about “mid-County” North-South as well as a Guide Meridian as part of its western border.

A current listing of all filed “Certificate of Government Corner Location” is attached for the use of private Surveyors in their resurvey work. The listing is sorted numerically by Township-Range first and then by Section number. The ties are always measured FROM the corner TO the tie point.  The “Doc. No.” is the recorded Document Number from the Book of Certificates filed in the Aitkin County’s Recorder’s Office and should help minimize search time if a copy of the filed Certificate is needed. It would be appreciated if errors are found or if ties have been destroyed that I be notified so I can keep this information as current as possible. Obviously, it is the intent that this list will be updated as more corner locations are certified.

Other questions can be answered at Land Surveying FAQ's.

For further information please contact:

Randy Quale
Aitkin County Surveyor
209 2nd St. NW
Aitkin, MN 56431
Telephone 218-927-7326

email:   randy.quale@co.aitkin.mn.us

Scanned Corner Certificates and other Section Corner information are now available via Aitkin County’s Interactive Map

Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderCertificates of Government Corner Location  (this is a large PDF document and may take severalminutes to download - you will need a PDF Reader to view this file.) 

As county surveyor, we do not survey private landowners properties, however a list of local surveyors is attached.