January 27, 2015

9:05 A.M.             I. Attendance

                            II. Approval of Health & Human Services Board Agenda

                            III. Review December 23, 2014 Health & Human Service Board Minutes

                            IV. Review Bills

                            V. General/Miscellaneous Information
                                A. Governor’s Task Force on the Protection of Children – Tom Burke
                                B. QPR Training (Question, Pursuade, Refer) at Aitkin High School –
                                     Ann Rivas, Social Services Supervisor – Adult Services

                                C. Healthy Counties – Tom Burke

                            VI. Administrative Reports:
                                A. Financial & Transportation Reports

                            VII. Committee Reports from Commissioners
                                A. H&HS Advisory Committee – Commissioners Westerlund and/or Marcotte
                                    Meeting updates from Committee Members: Joy Janzen & Roberta Elvecrog
                                    Draft minutes of the January 7, 2015 meeting.

                                B. AEOA Committee Update – Commissioner Niemi
                                C. NEMOJT Committee Update – Commissioner Napstad
                                D. CJI (Children’s Justice Initiative) – Commissioner Westerlund
                                E. Lakes & Pines Update – Commissioner Niemi

                            VIII. Break at 9:___ a.m. for _____ minutes Next Meeting – February 24, 2015

The Statistical Reports for 2014
for Income Maintenance, Social Services and Public Health are included in this packet.

HHS Full Board Packet   (PDF 51.2MB) 

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