Budget Hearing Meeting Agenda
December 8, 2015
6:05 p.m. in the County Boardroom

1. J. Mark Wedel, County Board Chair
      A) Call to Order
      B) Pledge of Allegiance
      C) Board of Commissioners Meeting Procedure
      D) Introductions
      E) Budget Comments

2. Nathan Burkett, County Administrator
      A) Aitkin County Budget Hearing for Year Payable 2016

3. Questions, Comments by Taxpayers
      A) Each Taxpayer has 5 minutes

4. J. Mark Wedel, County Board Chair
      A) Adjourn

Adopt final property tax levy on December 22, 2015


Signed Minutes for this meeting

Synopsis for this meeting


The purpose of this meeting is to present the 2016 proposed County budget and 2016 proposed property tax levy. Changes in valuation and classification are NOT part of this presentation.