December 22, 2015

9:05 A.M.        I. Attendance

                        II. Approval of Health & Human Services Board Agenda

                       III. Review November 24, 2015 Health & Human Service Board Minutes

                      IV. Review Bills

                       V. General/Miscellaneous Information
                            A. Approve appointment of new applicants to the Health & Human Services
                                Advisory Committee as follows:
                                  1. Carol Holton - McGregor – Comm. Dist. #4
                            B. Approve re-appointment of Health & Human Services Advisory Committee
                                Members as follows:
                                  1. Joy Janzen - Aitkin - Comm. Dist. #2
                                  2. Kristine Layne – Aitkin - Comm. Dist. #1

                       VI. Contracts/Agreements
                             A. Ambulance Service Contracts for the period January 1, 2016 thru December 31, 2016:
                                  1. Meds-1 Ambulance Service, Grand Rapids
                                  2. Mille Lacs Health System, Onamia
                                  3. McGregor Area Ambulance Service, McGregor
                                  4. North Memorial Medical Transportation, Brainerd
                             B. Purchase of Service Agreements for the period January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016
                                  between ACHHS and:
                                  1. New Pathways, Inc, Brainerd
                                  2. Compass Counseling Partners, Nisswa
                                  3. Northern Psychiatric Associates, Baxter
                                  4. George Tetreault, MA, LP, Baxter
                                  5. CORE Professional Services, Brainerd
                                  6. Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA) Virginia
                                  7. Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training (NEMOJT) Virginia
                                  8. Nystrom & Associates, Baxter
                             C. Agreement between ACHHS and Northland Counseling Center, Inc., for
                                  Detoxification Services for the period January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016.

                             D. WIC Agreements - Malmo between ACHHS and the Bethesda Lutheran Church
                                  of Malmo for the period January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.

                             E. HealthPartners Participating Provider Agreement effective January 1, 2016.
                             F. 2016 Family Planning Contract between ACHHS and Riverwood HealthCare
                                 Center, Aitkin, for the period January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016.

                             G. IV-D Child Support Cooperative Arrangement with Aitkin County Offices of
                                 Human Services, County Sheriff and County Attorney for the period January 1, 2016
                                 to December 31, 2017

                             H. Minnesota State/County Child Support Program Cooperative Agreement CY 2016-2017
                                  covering the Administration  of Child Support and Establishment of Paternity and Medcial
                                  Support Liability Programs by and Between the State of Minnesota DHS and Aitkin County.

                      VII. Resolutions
                             A. Master Subscriber Agreement for Minnesota Court Data Services for Governmental Agencies

                      VIII. FYI
                             A. Tentative 2016 Health & Human Services Board Meeting Dates

                       IX. Administrative Reports:
                             A. Financial & Transportation Reports

                       X. Joint Powers Board Reports:
                             A. Tri-County Community Health Services Board (CHS)
                                  Commissioner Westerlund / Erin Melz / Tom Burke
                                  December 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

                       XI. Committee Reports from Commissioners
                             A. H&HS Advisory Committee – Commissioners Westerlund and/or Marcotte
                                  Committee Members attending today: Julie Ann Larkin & Roberta Elvecrog December 2nd
                                  meeting minutes.

                             B. AEOA Committee Update – Commissioner Westerlund
                             C. NEMOJT Committee Update – Commissioner Napstad
                             D. CJI (Children’s Justice Initiative) – Commissioner Westerlund
                             E. Lakes & Pines Update – Commissioner Niemi

                      XII. Break at 9:___ a.m. for _____ minutes Next Meeting – January 26, 2016

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