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 Aitkin County Land DepartmentTrees in Aitkin Co. Woods

The Aitkin County Land Department (ACLD) is responsible for managing the natural resources on approximately 222,000 acres of tax forfeited lands. ACLD strives to manage these lands so they contribute to the quality of life in terms of economic, ecological, and social benefits.

Through good forest management, ACLD strives to conserve the natural environment, develop unique recreational experiences, preserve historical and scenic values, enhance essential habitat, protect rare and endangered species and plant communities, as well as forest soil and water quality. ACLD is able to maintain and enhance timber quality and productivity of our forests and provide a sustainable yield of renewable resources for area industries and for our citizens.

To demonstrate the commitment to good forestry ACLD has been Forest Stewardship Council™ certified, since 1997. ACLD has two citizen committees that advise the Aitkin County Board of Commissioners on issues related to natural resources (Forest Advisory Committee and Park Commission).

The Land Department is directed by the Land Commissioner, Mark Jacobs. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at 218-927-7364 or

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