May 22, 2012


9:15 A.M.         I. Call to Order

                        II. Pledge of Allegiance

                        III. Approval of Agenda

                        IV. Review April 24, 2012 Health & Human Service Board Minutes

                        V. Review Bills

                        VI. General/Miscellaneous Information

9:20 A.M.                 A. Support Within Reach – Kari Horbacz, Aitkin Victim Services Coordinator & Amanda
                                    Ysen, Executive Director

                                B. ARMHS Certification Letter for Family Support Services & May - Mental Health
                                    Month – Susan Cebelinski

                                C. TXT4LIFE Update – Tom Burke

                        VII. Contracts
                                A. Administration Agreements for Purchase of Supplies & Equipment for the period July 1, 2012
                                    to June 30, 2015 between Aitkin County Health & Human Services and:

                                    1. Aitkin Medical Supply, Aitkin, MN
                                    2. Lake Superior Medical Equipment, Inc., Duluth, MN
                                    3. Lifeline System Company dba Phillips Lifeline, Framingham, MA
                                    4. PAL Medical System, Grand Rapids, MN
                                    5. Wheelchairs Plus, Grand Rapids, MN
                                B. Purchase of Service Agreements for the period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2015, between Aitkin
                                    County Health & Human Services and:

                                    1. Connections FSE Services, Prior Lake, MN
                                    2. Consumer Directions, St. Cloud, MN
                                    3. Mains’l Services, Inc., Brooklyn Park, MN
                                C. Home and Community-Based Waiver Services Contract for the period July 1, 2012 through
                                    June 30, 2015, between Aitkin County Health & Human Services and:

                                    1. Access Healthcare, Inc., Grand Rapids, MN
                                    2. Access North, Center for Independent Living of NEMN, Hibbing, MN
                                    3. Aicota Health Care Center, Aitkin, MN
                                    4. ANGELS, McGregor, MN
                                    5. Golden Horizons Assisted Living, Aitkin, MN
                                    6. Grattan Private Duty Nursing, Inc., Brainerd, MN
                                    7. Lutheran Social Services Senior Companion Program, St. Paul, MN
                                    8. Oakridge Homes, Inc., Brainerd, MN
                                    9. Rocky Ridge Adult Foster Care Home, Aitkin, MN
                                    10. Jared & Crystal Stein Adult Foster Care Home, Isle, MN

                        VIII. Administrative Reports:
                                A. Caseload Update & Graph – Eileen Foss, Income Maintenance Supervisor
                                B. Financial & Transportation Reports – Kathy Ryan, Fiscal Supervisor

                        IX. Joint Powers Board Reports:
                                A. Tri-County Community Health Services Board (CHS) – Cynthia Bennett /
                                    Tom Burke / Commissioner Westerlund – No Report
                                    Next Meeting Scheduled for June 22nd.

                        X. Committee Reports from Commissioners
                                A. H&HS Advisory Committee - Commissioners Westerlund and/or Marcotte
                                    Meeting updates from Committee Members: Kathy Barker, Dave Leaf & Roberta
                                         Elvecrog -
                                    No regular May meeting as committee members served the Community Meal in
                                         McGregor on May 16th.
                                B. AEOA / NEMOJT Committee Updates – Commissioner Napstad
                                C. CJI (Children’s Justice Initiative) – Commissioner Westerlund

                        XI. Adjournment: Next Meeting – June 26, 2012

                        **The Statistical Reports for the first quarter of 2012 for Income Maintenance, Social
                                            Services and Public Health are included in this packet.

HHS Board Meeting Packet - Single PDF File

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